Cleaner for  Flat Screen LCD TV & Computer Monitor Screens - eScreen
Cleaner for  Flat Screen LCD TV & Computer Monitor Screens - eScreen
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Flat Screen LCD TV & Computer Monitor Screen Cleaner - eScren
  • 1 8oz bottle
  • 3 2oz bottles
  • 1 large microfiber cloth
  • 3 medium microfiber cloths
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Non-Streak Spray Cleaner for Stainless Steel Appliances & All Modern Kitchen Surfaces



Modern and traditional kitchens alike enjoy the sleek, clean and professional look of stainless steel surfaces incorporated on many of today’s appliances. However, as new owners of stainless steel appliances quickly find, it is not the easiest surface to keep clean and shiny. Within days of use, many stainless surfaces become smudged with fingerprints, stains and grime previously undetectable on painted or enameled surfaces.


Common household spray cleaners may clean the surface of stainless steel but they leave behind streaks, fingerprints and stains. Most spray cleaners designed specifically for stainless steel contain oil and dangerous, flammable solvents and should be used away from sources of ignition. Though they appear to polish the surface, these oil based products often have offensive odors not ideal for food preparation areas. The shiny glow left by oil/solvent based stainless steel cleaners is actually a thin layer of oil spread over the surface covering or smearing soil and stains. Over time, the surface becomes a dust magnet and the oily film darkens the stainless surface.


eAppliance is an effective, safe, versatile and eco-friendly solution to cleaning stainless steel appliances. eAppliance has no odor and is not flammable. It actually cleans and removes fingerprints, dirt and grime from the surface, leaving behind a glistening spotless surface. The benefits of eAppliance are obvious:


  • Streak Free
  • Oil Free
  • Odorless
  • Non-Flammable
  • Safe
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Versatile

eAppliance is versatile! It works equally as well on almost all surfaces found in the modern kitchen reducing the homeowners cleaning product inventory. Applications include:


  • Glass Cook-Tops
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Granite Counters
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Laminated Cabinets
  • Plated Faucets
  • Crystal Houseware
  • Windows and Mirrors
  • All Glass and Plastic Surfaces

Directions for Use:   For initial cleaning of surfaces exposed to cooking splatter (hoods, ranges) or previously cleaned with “oil-based” cleaners, spray eAppliance liberally and completely on the stainless surface and allow it to sit for 15 seconds. Wipe clean with paper towels. Repeat this step with clean paper towels until the oil films are removed. Once the oily film is removed, eAppliance is easy to use and leaves a true, clean and bright stainless surface. Spot cleaning and light cleaning to remove fingerprints, etc., can be easily performed using the spray and a microfiber cloth. Use eAppliance similarly on all of the other recommended surfaces.


Please email for more information regarding eAppliance.